The best boxer you’ve never heard of…
November 5, 2007, 8:15 pm
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To be honest, I’m not a huge boxing fan and I don’t really know too much about the sport. I had watched a few fights over the past six months that were notable: I saw a washed up Arturo Gatti get permanently thrown on the scrap heap by Contender-alumnus Alfonoso Gomez and I watched a similar outcome in the underwhelming De La Hoya-Mayweather snoozefest while drinking too much patron in May. Before this summer I’d watched my share of major fights, but as the heavy weight division faded out of the national spotlight and there were no more instances of Mike Tyson doing crazy shit, my casual interest in boxing waned.

Joe Calzaghe has officially revived that interest after I watched his masterful performance against Mikkel Kessler on Saturday. Since I am, admittedly, not all that knowledgeable about boxing I would recommend jumping over to the incomparable No-Mas to read their write-up of this fight. I agree with their feeling of “dread anticipation” as we observed the tightrope that Calzaghe walked; it was a tense, wonderful sensation that one feels during the most transcendent sporting events. I’m hoping that a match-up between Calzaghe and Bernard Hopkins actually happens so that I can experience that sensation again.


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