Second-Hand Smoke is Delicious

The copy for this ad, even allowing that it’s circa 1926, is outrageous. Cigarette smoke is not enjoyable second hand. Naturally, any non-smoker will quickly tell you as much. I will grant that there’s some appeal to second-hand smoke. As a former smoker I enjoy it only insofar as it reminds me of nicotine entering my bloodstream; the memory of the pleasure derived from actually smoking is what’s appealing. That being said, I’d argue that smokers don’t enjoy second-hand smoke, they enjoy first-hand smoke.

So who, exactly, would find this ad appealing? Not current smokers, they’d just as well light up their own butt rather than have some asshole blow smoke in their face. Not non-smokers, who didn’t really exist in 1926 anyway, so they don’t really factor in here. And not former smokers, who would never admit to being that weak also didn’t exist in 1926 (unless they were 6 feet under). By my count that leaves no other groups of people left to find this ad appealing. That makes sense, I suppose.


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I’m a former smoker and absolutely the worst person for a smoker to be around now. Believe me I will let you know you smell like cigarettes if you’re around me now. As for second hand smoke… are you kidding me right now. The smell of second hand smoke actually puts the hair on the back of my neck straight up… and not in the (I’m getting ready to get laid) kind of way but rather the (a wild wolf dog getting ready to bite your ass kind of way.)

Second hand smoke is worse then smoking yourself in my opinion because you have no choice over it.

With all this said… looking at this advertisement I get it.

I get what they are trying to convey. Just look at this guy with his legs crossed sitting with his girl ocean side comfortable without a care in the world… I totally get it.

The feeling they are trying to convey is really hard to put in words but I most definitely know the feeling they’re selling.

It’s almost like those old Irish Spring commercials when the guy would cut a piece of soap with his knife and smell it… WTF did he do that for. I can’t put it in words but I understood.

Coffee ads do it a lot too they open the can of coffee and take a big wiff… mmmm ahhhh then they smile and everything is better.

This cigarette ad is kind of giving you that same ahhhh feeling. Its the end of a busy day, work party, networking and now finally you get to relax, light your cancer stick sitting next to the love of your life (or one night stand), inhale and … ahhhhhhhhh.


Mr. Echo

Comment by casualtyofdesign

The scene you just set makes me want to rip an entire pack right now. Copy capturing that would’ve been much more successful than an entreaty to have smoke blown in one’s face.

Comment by TG

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