Geisenblog’s Next Step
February 27, 2009, 7:18 pm
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The four people who come here every few months know that the mission to “write regularly” that I’ve started multiple times hasn’t worked out.  Based on my track record I should just let this space gradually collect dust and find new diversions, but I’m stubborn.  Spurred on by some itch that I can’t seem to scratch, I want to/need to get this thing going (again-ish).

While this desire has been stewing for a bit, I was also inspired by this post.  I find the “blog as your resume” idea appealing (probably because this shows up on the first Google SERP of “tim geisenheimer”) and I want to get the ideas/comments/speculative thoughts that (very) occassionally kick around in my head out into the wild.  I also think that the only way I’m going to write regularly is if I have a more concrete idea of what I want to write about AND if I actually have some practical knowledge about the subject.

To that end, and to take David’s advice, I’m changing the scope of the Geisenblog to be more focused.  I’m going to write exclusively about digital media and technology based primarily on my experience working in online advertising sales for a web site that covers technology.  I’ll leave everything else to Tumblr and Twitter.  

I know it’s going to be hard.  The digital media/technology commentary space is crowded and I’m going to have trouble being truly “provocative” based on the nature of my job.   I’m a gadget lover, but by no means technically minded.  My approach will therefore be more inquisitive than authoritative, but I think there’s something to be said for that.

From a content standpoint, I’ll comment on trends and discuss projects we’re doing here at CBS Interactive that are relevant.  I’ll also use this platform to do what so many others have done before and break down my experience with personal online publishing.  It’ll be a sort of inverted approach because I’ve learned a lot about professional ad-serving platforms, user behavior, display advertising metrics, e-commerce, etc… at my time here at CBS Interactive, but I’ve never approached these issues from a small publisher perspective.  I’m looking forward to learning as I go.

So here’s to not writing a post full of resolve and enthusiasm just to lose interest after two weeks and instead consistently putting out some (hopefully) high-quality content.  I welcome any advice or ideas you might have.  Thanks for reading.


February 27, 2009, 3:33 pm
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Geisentumblog.  More on this soon…